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A window into cannabis players taking a female-friendly approach to building their brands.

The Canadian cannabis space is continuing to morph and explode with new entrants, new formats and new users. As a brand consultant crafting several brands in the cannabis space, I’ve had the privilege of keeping a macro-level pulse on the trends and shifts in the category. One dominant trend unravelling in the cannabis space is the influx of players taking a female-friendly approach to building brands.

Cannabis is undergoing a massive rebrand, shedding its stoner image to become part of a chic, wellness-forward lifestyle. With this image transformation, the category is becoming increasingly more welcoming to women. While Canadian males still dominate cannabis consumption, using almost double that of women, women are anticipated to be one the fastest-growing segments.

With legalization 2.0 gearing up, the cannabis category will erupt with new and more socially acceptable formats – such as edibles, infused beverages and topicals. With cannabis breaking out of its traditional fringe culture, the introduction of new formats and cannabis rapidly making its way to the mainstream, the category is anticipating a reshaping of the cannabis consumer – with significant growth in women who have sparked curiosity and an openness to trial.

An influx of cannabis players are seeing the untapped potential of the female segment, which represents half of the Canadian population, changing the narrative around cannabis and creating a cannabis experience that’s more welcoming to women. These cannabis players are catering their brands, products and experiences toward the needs and values of women.  Given the current cultural rise and empowerment of women, it couldn’t be a more optimal time for cannabis brands to take on the ingrained masculinized cannabis space and reshape the category to embraces women. Women who couldn’t see themselves reflected in the prohibition-era cannabis space are now able to find brands, products and experiences they can truly connect with.

The following is a snapshot of lifestyle cannabis brands focused on creating more meaningful connections with women.

These female-focused cannabis brands emphasize female wellness and self-care and bring messages of empowerment. While many players are attempting to own a brand-focused ‘cannabis for women’ position, several players are reaching further, defining their brands on the meaningful role they play and impact they have in women's lives.

Female-focused cannabis brands are backing up their brand promises by reinventing the cannabis experience specifically for women. From how they run their companies, the femme-focused wellness benefits of their products, the aesthetic, the formulation and dose and dedication to empowering women’s lives – these female-focused brands are boldly creating a cannabis space that women want to be part of.

Below is a snapshot of some of the ways femme-focused cannabis brands, both in Canada and the US, are connecting with women.

Whether it’s moms trading in their wine-time for a vape pen or wellness warriors seeking out weed-infused pain-relievers or aphrodisiacs, the cannabis market will continue to welcome women and spark more meaningful consumer connections with the female segment.

Give the current lens on cannabis market and the cultural shift toward the empowerment of women, the following are some foundational strategic imperatives for setting up a female-focused cannabis brand to win in a commodity-driven and increasingly congested market.

With the next wave of legalization around the corner, we can anticipate an influx of new female-focused brands, with disruptive formats and formulations to enter the market. The next six months will be a pivotal time to keep a strong pulse on the category and the ongoing reshaping of the cannabis consumer market. Stay tuned on DM Brand Consulting Brand Decode blog for future cannabis insight as the category continues to advance and morph.  

If you’re looking to define, refresh, transform or activate a brand, or simply need some strategic support to take on what’s next, let’s chat.

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